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What are you doing this weekend? Me? I’m reading for 24 hours!

Yep. You heard me, 24 hours. Saturday (April 21) is the Spring edition of Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon. Starting at 5am on Saturday morning I’ll be joining 274 other bloggers as we begin reading and attempt to keep reading until 5am Sunday morning. Throughout the readathon I’ll be creating updates (1 every three hours or so) to be published as a post on the following Monday, participating in mini challenges on other blogs, cuddling with my cat and fending off sleep. Sound like a good time? There’s still time to join if you’re interested. Just head over to Dewey’s site and sign up.

What’s in the queue

1. Damned

Pages: 256

One Sentence Synopsis: When 13 year old Madison dies and finds herself destined to spend eternity in hell she tries to find out why and is determined to make the best of it.

Why now? I’ve been meaning to read a Palahniuk novel forever and I think it’ll be a good one as it’s short and sounds less complicated than Fight Club and Invisible Monsters.

2. A Monster Calls

Pages: 205

One Sentence Synopsis: Conor is awoken by an ancient monster who tells him three tales and expects one in return.

Why  now?I’ve been trying to fit this one in forever but I know I won’t want to put it down once I start so I’ve been waiting for the perfect time. Readathon it is!

3. The Age of Persuasion

Pages: 352

One Sentence Synopsis: History of the marketing industry and how its campaigns have shaped our culture.

Why now? I really enjoy Terry O’Reilly’s CBC podcast on marketing and have been interested in this book for a while. I suspect I’ll read a chapter or two of this to clear my head between long bouts of fiction.

4. The Watch That Ends the Night

Pages: 480

One Sentence Synopsis: Twenty four short stories told by voices from the Titanic including: Molly Brown, John Jacob Astor, a young child, a con man and the iceberg itself.

Why now? Much like A Monster calls I know once I get started on this one I won’t want to stop. I can already hear myself saying, “Just one more chapter.”

5. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Pages: 216

One Sentence Synopsis: Just before the Earth is demolished to make way for an intergalactic freeway, Arthur is saved by his best friend, Ford, and taken on a space adventure guided by the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Why now? This has been on my TBR list forever and will be a great short book to finish and boost my confidence during the readathon.

6.An Abundance of Katherines

Pages: 227

One Sentence Synopsis: After being dumped by the 19th straight Katherine, Colin goes on a quest to create a theorem that will predict the future of his love life.

Why now? Finally, my first John Green novel! This was supposed to be Paper Towns but when I found out my book club was reading this for April I switched it out.

Feel free to bring me coffee at any time!

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13 thoughts on “What are you doing this weekend? Me? I’m reading for 24 hours!

  1. Yay, the readathon! I’m also taking part. I’ve got a list, in my head as yet, and I’m expecting to have a good time. I’m starting at 2pm (which is the local starting time for me), so I will have a sleep from 1am for some time and then continue in the morning. Hope you make it all the way through!

    Indeed, A Monster Calls is a good read for one sitting. I liked but didn’t love it, but lots of people did love it. The rest of your list looks good too, lots of variation. How many do you realistically expect to read? I usually read about 800-900 pages during the readathon.

    • I’m really excited Judith, yours and Mandy’s posts from last year are actually what introduced me to the readathon. I remember reading a great guest post you had about what to eat when reading. I’m really hoping I can make it through too although since it’s my first shot at it I’m not holding my breath.

      I’m not sure what I can realistically read. Maybe something in the neighbourhood of 600 – 800 pages? I’m a moderately fast reader but I suspect I’ll need to reread a few pages around midnight…

  2. Wow, Jessica. This is so ambitious! I think it does look do-able as you have a variety, although you may bog down on H Guide to Galaxy. I never could get through that. Do you need any food for breaks?

    • I’m going to try and fly through The Guide first as it’s short and supposedly entertaining. Did you like the movie? I really liked it so I’m hoping that’s a good sign for reading the book (since books are usually so much better).

      Foodwise I’m going to buy some chips, boil some eggs, cut up some fruit and vegetables, and possibly order a pizza so I have food throughout the readathon. I am considering taking quick coffee breaks and heading up to grab a latte at the Watershed.

  3. Woot! I’m so excited about tomorrow!

    So, I’ll be reading The Hitchhiker’s Guide tomorrow too…I’m thinking it will be late time, like around 11 or 12. When do you think you’ll get to it? It would be fun if we were reading it at the same time!

    So, I’ve got you in a special readathon list on twitter, and if you post here tomorrow too(although it sounds like you’re saving it for Monday), I have my reader set to your blog too! You will be hearing from me tomorrow! Probably right when I get up at 4:30! Can’t wait!!!

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