30 Before 30

30 before 30 Update: Failtown, population me.

So I skipped my March update because I had literally nothing to report. Nothing except that I seem to be backsliding. Remember when I bragged about breaking up with Diet Coke? Exercising every day? Cross stitching all the time? Well, the honeymoon’s over and pretty much none of that’s happening anymore. Here’s what happened:

#8 Break Up with Diet Coke

That bitch seduced me once again. It started with a drink at a movie theatre or at a restaurant out with friends and it’s ended with me having a stock of the devil juice in my fridge again. I’m super disappointed because I was so proud of myself for kicking it to the curb.  I suspect I’ll need it through the readathon on Saturday but on Sunday I will throw its stuff back out on the lawn and live my life without it.

#12 Loose 50lbs and Keep Them Lost

I found I couldn’t maintain the previous routine of a daily walk and work out video. Not only did I not enjoy it (the video part at least), my knees would not allow it. Apparently I’m 100 years old and doing squats can kill me. Now I’m looking for an alternate form of exercise that I might actually enjoy and so far biking and swimmer are the winners.

#19 Take Up and Master a Handicraft

I’m not sure what happened but I pretty much stopped cross stitching all together. It’s weird because I was definitely enjoying it and really want to finish my project. I think part of the reason might be that as soon as the embroidery floss came out so did my cat. No Lola, not all string is for you!

My commitments to you, my readers

This month I will act to remedy the total failure this project has become and vow to:

1. Get some form of exercise 6 days a week

2. Loose 5 pounds

3. Finish that bloody cross stitch project

4. Go cold turkey from Diet Coke after the readathon

5. Start at least one additional goal from my 3o before 3o list

I will report back around this time next month and let you know how it’s going. If I haven’t achieved my goals you have my permission to mock me relentlessly!

What goals are you working toward this month?

6 thoughts on “30 before 30 Update: Failtown, population me.

  1. Okay, I’ll give you the secret to losing 5 pounds quickly, but I warn you it’s not fun: give up carbs. It’s terrible at first, but it works!

  2. Needless to say – cycling is one of my faves – have fun out there – it helps keep you motivated! Well, time to get the bike out – haven’t been out much this week and tonight looks to be a good one (plus I am in a hotel – have to counter balance all the restaurant food!!!) Have a great evening.

  3. Love to see your cross stich project! I remember you are really good at it!

    5 lbs…two words: food diary, that’s the only way I have been successful. It’s almost like you have to be accountable to yourself. lol

    Have fun doing the 24 hr readathon this weekend!

  4. I really enjoy doing yoga, except it’s not a huge calorie burner. But if you stick to a routine over time, you’ll start toning up more, etc. There are tons of books, DVDs, podcasts, etc. out there. I subscribe to free podcasts on iTunes, but it helps to know the names of the positions (I believe they do offer a “guide” file to go along with it, though)

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