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Readathon Updates!

It’s Saturday, Saturday, everybody reads all Saturday. Gotta get ready for the readathon. Reading, reading, yah! Reading, reading, yah! Gotta get ready for the readathon.

And on that super awesome note we begin my coverage of my attempt to read for 24 hours:


Where my head’s at: It’s cloudy and confused but psyched. You know you have a good husband when he agrees to leave your house for the weekend (with your child) so you can read for 24 hours but you know you  have a great husband when he gets up at 4:30am to go get you a coffee. For some reason I’m having a hard time figuring out what book to read first and feel like a dork for not deciding last night.

Book I’m starting with: An Abundance of Katherines – John Green


Where my head’s at: I’m still kind of groggy although the coffee is starting to kick in and I might actually be hungry enough to eat now. I’ve realized that lying on the couch and reading is a major mistake and have found myself a comfortable sitting position instead. I’m about halfway through An Abundance of Katherines so I expect to finish that before the next update. I might switch it up after that and read a bit of Age of Persuasion, sometimes you just need some nonfiction right? I’ll probably spend the next fifteen minutes checking out blog updates and seeing if there are any mini challenges I want to participate in.

What I’ve read: An Abundance of Katherines

Pages Read: 110 (a bit slower of a pace than I’d like but it’s still early so I blame morning brain!)

# of Post it notes written: 8


Where my head’s at: I’m actually feeling really good. I took a half hour break at 8 to update my blog, tweet, make breakfast and say goodbye to my family which seemed to help me wake up a bit. My reading speed has improved and I’m starting my second book, Age of Persuasion, which I will read between bouts of fiction to clear out my brain a bit. Pretty much I’m kicking this readathon’s ass.

What I’ve read (since last update): Finished Abundance of Katherines and started Age of Persuasion by Terry O’Reilly

Pages Read (since last update): 124 (slowly getting faster)

Total pages read: 234

# of Post it notes written: 6 (for a total of 14 so far)

Books Finished: One (Abundance of Katherines)


Where my head’s at: I am feeling like a bit of a failure as I accidentally took a 20 minute nap after my last update break. This means I did not read for an entire hour! I know there isn’t anyone policing me but I really didn’t want to nap until later in the day. It’s okay, I’m not mad at myself… just disappointed. I’m finding that nonfiction is a much slower read than fiction and will likely only be sprinkling a chapter in here or there from now on. I really enjoyed the first chapter of Damned and am happy I chose it as my first Palahniuk book. I feel like I might need to eat again so will go pop in my frozen pizza and see you in three hours!

What I’ve read (since last update): Age of Persuasion and started Damned by Chuck Palahniuk

Pages Read (since last update): 60 (54 in Age of Persuasion and 6 in Damned)

Total pages read: 294

# of Post it notes written: 8 (for a total of 22)

Books Finished: One


Where my head’s at: Half way through! I haven’t read nearly what I’d hoped and have taken two half hours naps but overall I’m not doing to shabby. During this stretch I learned that reading while taking notes on Post its in the bathtub is not as easy as it sounds. My reading pace seems to have slowed back down so I’m going to make a push to finish Damned before my check in at 8pm. I’m starting to feel lonely as my family is gone and even my cat isn’t cuddling me. Thankfully I have a friend willing to come over and knit in silence while I read. That’s real friendship!

What I’ve read (since last update): Damned

Pages Read (since last update): 78 (Yikes! But I did take a one hour break again… )

Total pages read: 372

# of Post it notes written: 4 (for a total of 26)

Books Finished: One


Where my head’s at: I’m super tired and super looking forward to having some company (and some coffee) at 11pm. Damned is wrapping up and getting a bit philosophical for someone who has been reading for 15 hours. I’m honestly pretty disappointed in my progress thus far. I mean 472 pages in 15 hours? That’s only an average of 31.47 pages an hour. At this rate I’ll feel lucky if I finish Damned and Hitchhiker’s Guide by 5am tomorrow.

What I’ve read (since last update): Damned

Pages Read (since last update): 100 (getting back up there!) 

Total pages read: 472

# of Post it notes written: 3 (for a total of 29)

Books Finished: One


Where my head’s at: I feel like I’m getting my second wind and am not really tired at this point. My friend should be here to sit in silence soon and the cat is finally sitting by me. I finished Damned about an hour before I planned to and have started my third book which is light and funny and should take me to at least the next update. All in all it’s been a pretty good three hours.

What I’ve read (since last update): Damned (finished) and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams (started)

Pages Read (since last update): 113

Total pages read: 585

# of Post it notes written: 2 (for a total of 31)

Books Finished: Two (An Abundance of Katherines and Damned)


Where my head’s at: Confession time: my friend did indeed come over and it was anything but silent. I ended up taking a three hour break to chat and gossip… oops! Nevertheless it was exactly what my lonely little heart needed so I’m ready to see if I can push through for another three hours. To be honest I’m pretty impressed I’ve only taken three half hour naps in the last 22 hours. I pretty much deserve a medal.

What I’ve read (since last update): Nothing!

Pages Read (since last update): 0

Total pages read: 585

# of Post it notes written: 0 (for a total of 31)

Books Finished: Two (An Abundance of Katherines and Damned)


Where my head’s at: Ummmm couldn’t tell you, I fell asleep at some point and woke up at 8am. I know for sure I made it 22 hours which I think is a victory and I read 22 more pages after my last update so I’m thinking I fell asleep some where around 2:30am.  I think I will definitely do the readathon again in October but will likely arrange for some company throughout as I got pretty desperate for human conversation. As a special treat, here’s what I look like when I’m reading at 2am:

What I’ve read (since last update): Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Pages Read (since last update): 22

Total pages read: 607

# of Post it notes written: 0 (for a total of 31)

Books Finished: Two and a quarter (An Abundance of Katherines and Damned)

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15 thoughts on “Readathon Updates!

  1. I love the breakdown you decided to use for updates, really great!

    Even though I didn’t participate in the readathon, I was focused more on reading one of my “currently reading” books.. hehe and almost got it finished (reading between periods of the -awful- Bruins game and whatnot). So I feel slightly accomplished! hehe

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