Where the hell have I been?

Remember me? Yep, I still exist. I wasn’t caught on a sinking ship, fighting for my life in an arena or recruited to be a quirky tech analyst for the FBI, I just got mega overwhelmed by life. Some pretty big stuff is happening for this little lady and my coping mechanism was to crawl into a hole. But then I realized I need more control over my life and had be neglecting some of the things I love (like this blog and reading). To combat the feelings of overwhelmedness I’ve created a colour coded schedule and am back to my typical lineal self.

Some of the craziness:

1. We are not moving to Toronto!

Earlier this Spring Steveo’s work told us to be ready for a big move to the Centre of the Canadian Universe. It stressed us out and pretty much made us keep our lives on hold while we waited. But then, just a month or so ago, we found out he had been promoted within the office here and we wouldn’t have to move! Now that we know we’re staying in the Lower Mainland I’m psyched to get on with our lives, unfortunately all this excitement and planning has left me pretty drained.

2. I know what I want to be when I grow up

I’ve figured out what I want to go back to school for and I’m beyond excited to get started. Plus, I can finally cross something off my 30 before 30 list. Woot, woot! I’ve been accepted in a local university’s bachelor of arts program and will be working my way to becoming involved with literacy and rehabilitative skills in prisons. I’ve always been passionate about social justice, literacy and developing a love of learningĀ so when I heard an estimated 1 in 4 Canadian inmates has a grade 10 or lower education I felt compelled to learn more. Without skills, help and support how can we expect these people to leave the correctional system and become healthy, law abiding members of society? Alright… enough with the heavy stuff and onto the debauchery!

3. We actually have a social life

We’re not lepers, we’ve always had friends, we just rarely did anything with them. Over the last little bit our dance cards have become strangely full and that took priority. It was a bit hectic and fairly exhausting but we are so glad we threw ourselves into developing relationships and building a community within our community. The late nights of chatting, drinking rum and coke and the subsequent recovery days were well worth it but now that things have calmed down I’m excited to get back to my online chums.

What have you been up to lately?

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2 thoughts on “Where the hell have I been?

  1. Welcome back! I would have loved to welcome you the Centre of the Universe, Toronto-itself, but there really is nothing like the West Coast especially when it’s home! Best of luck going back to school. I’ve been on a reduced blogging schedule too because it’s the summer and I want to actually witness it for myself ;)

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