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Reading Through Kindergarten

You’ve probably heard of The Reading Promise in which a father and his 4th grade daughter make a pact to read together for 100 days and end up continuing without a miss until she goes off to college. It’s a great idea… unfortunately the book is unbelievably boring. Since reading together is one of Sir O and I’s favourite things we decided to make our own take on their premise and are aiming to read together every night for his whole kindergarten career (obviously I’m hoping it continues forever and he’ll call me every night after his kids go to bed to read on the phone). At the end of every month if we’ve made it without missing a day we’ll do something to celebrate – this month it’s a visit to the Vancouver Aquarium.

Here’s our September round up:

George’s Marvelous Medicine – Roald Dahl

When George’s parents leave him alone to care for his crochety grandmother he decides to concoct a medicine that will make her easier to be around.

Sir O really enjoyed the lists of ingredients in George’s medicine and thought the result of Grandma’s having tried the medicine was hilarious. I enjoyed reading it with him but had forgotten how often Dahl used words like “hate”, “stupid” and “hag”. Thankfully I’m pretty sure O is wise enough to not try this stuff out on his grandmothers.

Sideways Stories from Wayside School – Louis Sachar

A collection of 30 short stories about each of the wacky students and teachers on the 13th floor of Wayside School.

With teachers being turned into apples and accidentally eaten, students trying to sell their toes and the threat of riding home on the kindergarten bus it’s no wonder Sir O liked this one. There were a few times when I wasn’t sure if he was understanding the joke but he giggled through all of them and it was his favourite book of the month.

What have you been/did you read to your kids? Any suggestions for October? 

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One thought on “Reading Through Kindergarten

  1. What a great idea! Does Sir O get to choose the book sometimes? I used to do that with my daughter- let her choose the book, esp. as books for young kids are so great. Now I get to read and decipher university assignments with her. Oh yeah- and recommend books from assigned booklists- that is, books that would be good to write an essay on (you should see the booklist for her World Lit class. Yikes.)

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